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When writing a resume for a first job, the goal should be to focus on the information and details that demonstrate your value or potential to the hiring structure and leave out, all that does. If you are applying for a computer job, it goes without saying that your internship in programming or web development will be useful. On the other hand, it will not do you any good to mention for this post, the price you received by winning the basketball championship of your neighborhood. At least, everything on the CV must be related to the position. This is very important, especially when it is the first CV that is written. By looking at CV examples, you will be able to learn how to give a structure more attractive to yours and find out what types of information you will need to include in your resume depending on the particular position. Or you can type write my essay for free here and experts will help you to write your CV in the right way. In principle, there should not be much information to include in a CV for a first job. That said, it must hold on a page that you will try to fill while leaving enough white space between the margins.

Il nuovo appalto prevede l'aumento dei prodotti biologici per cui oltre alla pasta, al riso, ai legumi, all'olio, alla passata di pomodori anche la frutta, il 20% delle carni, piselli, fagiolini, spinaci e minestrone surgelati saranno provenienti da coltivazioni biologiche.